2007:2007 Euro MIREX Planning Meeting

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Original Call for Participation (slightly modified)

What: A two-day brainstorming and planning meeting dealing with MIREX 2007 tasks, evaluation data, procedures and technology.

Where: Vienna University of Technology, host of [ISMIR 2007] and MIREX 2007.

When: Sunday, 22 April to Monday, 23 April, 2007.

Who: All interested in defining, running and/or participating in MIREX 2007 tasks. Having at least one representative from each of the Euro research labs interested in MIR, would be ideal. Of course, all are welcomed regardless of affiliation or country of origin (i.e., if you are not part of a Euro lab but in Europe, consider joining us). Keen and eager graduate students are especially encouraged to attend.

Why: Planning for each previous MIREX has tended to be compressed into the final summer weeks just prior to meeting at ISMIR. This year, we are trying to get things on a stronger foundation earlier in the year to create a less stressful and more robust MIREX experience for all. Holding the meeting in Vienna will also allow MIREX organizers to co-ordinate with the ISMIR 2007 Vienna local organizers.

Attending IMIRSEL Leaders: Dr. J. Stephen Downie, Andreas F. Ehmann, M. Cameron Jones, and Kris West (University of East Anglia).

Local Host Leaders: Thomas Lidy (TUV), Dr. Andreas Rauber (TUV), Dr. Rainer Typke (Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (ÖFAI)).

Basic Goals:

  1. Review of previous MIREX tasks (successes, problems, failures)
  2. Review of proposed MIREX 2007 tasks, data sources, evaluations
  3. Organization issues (leaders, communications, deadlines, etc.)
  4. M2K/MIREX Do-it-Yourself Evaluation Framework Prototype
  5. Awards/Recognitions for MIREX 2007(?)
  6. New Business and Ideas

Open Brainstorming and Agenda Idea Page

I have started an Discussion Points Euro MIREX Meeting page. This page is open to all folks interested in helping to set the agenda for the Euro MIREX Planning Meeting. This includes meeting participants and anyone who would like to see a topic addressed by the participants. Any and all topics, suggestions, gripes, etc. related to MIREX are not only welcomed, they are encouraged.

Location Specifics (from Thomas Lidy)

TU Vienna
Institute of Software Technology

Favoritenstrasse 9-11
1040 Wien

The venue is best reached via the Vienna underground: U1 Taubstummengasse.

From the Vienna-City Holiday Inn (where Dr. Downie and many will be staying) the best way to get to the meeting is to walk. For arrival there you can take bus number 59A from the Opera.

I have attached a map for orientation, where all of above is indicated (https://www.music-ir.org/mirex2007/images/7/75/MIREX_meeting.png).

Finding the building and the meeting room

Our building has huge metal letters on its front and has two entrances. Take the entrance with the glass door, search for the elevator and take the stairs next to it to the 2nd floor. There we will indicate the way to the meeting room.

Keeping In Touch In Vienna

The IMIRSEL team (i.e., Dr. Downie, Andreas Ehmann, Cameron Jones and Kris West) will be arriving in Vienna around 20:30h, 19 April, 2007. The IMIRSEL team will be leaving Vienna the morning of 25 April, 2007. The IMIRSEL team and many participants will be staying at:

Holiday Inn

Hotel Front Desk: 43-1-58850 | Hotel Fax: 43-1-58850 X899

Personal contacts

Dr. Downie's cell phone will work in Vienna. The number is +1-217-649-3839. Note the US number: the call will go from Euroland to the States and then back to Vienna even if you are standing beside me. Probably best to TEXT me at this number. If you are not near a phone, a cell text message can get to me via: <2176493839[at]vtext.com>. Normal email is another option but will not have laptop running 24hrs a day, especially at night when we are socializing. Also, evening (CDT) 18 April and most of (GMT) 19 April, will be travel days for the IMIRSEL team so normal email contact will a problem.

IMIRSEL Team Member Timetable

  • Thursday, 19 April: Arrive Vienna
  • Friday, 20 April: ISMIR Meeting @ TUV; Coding and debugging; Meet with T. Lidy and Prof. Rauber
  • Saturday, 21 April: Coding and Setup @ TUV; Participant Meet and Greet
  • Sunday, 22 April: Main Meeting
  • Monday, 23 April: Main Meeting
  • Tuesday, 24 April: Debriefing and planning meeting with Dr. Fujinaga (McGill), C. Fremery (Bonn) and IMIRSEL team.
  • Wednesday, 25 April: Depart Vienna

Social Events

Three events will be funded by IMIRSEL. The rest will be the responsibility of the participants.

  1. SATURDAY, 21 April:
    1. Afternoon: Thomas Lidy suggests: 15:30h, there is a small spring "festival" with free snacks & beer at Naschmarkt Deli (outdoors I guess), which is a nice place very close to the Holiday Inn! I think we should go there!
    2. Evening: TBA but something fun and involving MODEST amounts of imbibing (need to be fresh for Sunday!).
  2. SUNDAY, April 22:
    1. Lunch: China Buffet all-you-can-eat self-service (Location TBA). Funded by IMIRSEL.
    2. Evening: Pseudo-Banquet: Salm Braeu (http://www.salmbraeu.com). 20:00h. Funded by IMIRSEL.
  3. MONDAY, April 23
    1. Lunch: Wieden Braeu (http://www.wieden-braeu.at/) will serve us Wiener Schnitzel. Vegetarians have to tell us Sunday morning, so that we can call them, reduce the # of Schnitzel. Veggies will then be ordered separately. Funded by IMIRSEL.
    2. Evening: TBA but something fun and involving lots of imbibing and talking and imbibing.

Participant List (12 April 2007)