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MIREX 2009 Poster Session Planning List

The MIREX 2009 Poster Session will be held Wednesday, 28 October: 15:30-17:00. We will be holding the MIREX plenary meeting 14:30-15:30 on the same day.

Our hosts in Utrecht would like to get some sense of the number of posters so they can set up the room. Please add you name and the task(s) dealt with in your poster. We had many groups/individuals submit across tasks. You can choose to create one ISMIR poster bringing all your data together or can split up your data across, say, two posters if you are an individual (so you can stand next to both).If you have questions, please contact me at jdownie@illinois.edu or the MIREX mailing list about task poster options.

As a reminder, the MIREX posters need to follow the | ISMIR 2010 poster guidelines (i.e., A0, portrait orientation).

Add your author names here, once for each poster along with "title of some sort" and (Task(s) covered)

  1. IMIRSEL: MIREX 2010 Overview, Part I (Train Test Tasks)
  2. IMIRSEL: MIREX 2010 Overview, Part II (All Other Tasks)
  3. Matt Hoffman: Using CBA to Automatically Tag Songs (Audio tag classification/retrieval)

  1. Jouni Paulus, Anssi Klapuri: Music Structure Analysis with a Probabilistic Fitness Function in MIREX2009 (Structural segmentation), A0 portrait
  2. Thomas Lidy begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting, Andrei Grecu, Andreas Rauber, Antonio Pertusa, Pedro José Ponce de Leon and José M. Iñesta, A Multi-Feature-Set Multi-Classifier Ensemble Approach For Audio Music Classification (Audio Genre Classification, Mood Classification, Artist Identification, Classical Composer Identification, Audio Music Similarity and Retrieval) POSTER SIZE: probably A1 horizontal (H 594 mm x W 841 mm)
  3. Suman Ravuri, Dan Ellis: The Hydra System of Cover Song Classification (Cover Song Identification): 915mm x 1 210mm
  4. IRCAM Team, "Submission for local annotations (beat, chords, structure estimation) to MIREX09" POSTER SIZE: A0 horizontal
  5. IRCAM Team, "Submission for global annotations (genre, mood, artist, classical composer) to MIREX09" POSTER SIZE: A0 horizontal
  6. Teppo E. Ahonen. Identifying Cover Songs using Data Compression (Cover Song Identification) Poster: A0 portrait, 841mm x 1189mm
  7. François Maillet, Douglas Eck: Learning Song Similarity from Radio Station Playlists (Audio Music Similarity and Retrieval)
  8. Klaus Seyerlehner, Markus Schedl, "Block-Level Audio Features for Music Genre Classification" (Audio Genre Classification), A0 portrait, 841mmx1189mm
  9. Dmitry Bogdanov, Joan Serrà, Nicolas Wack, and Perfecto Herrera "Hybrid Similarity Measures For Music Recommendation" H90cm x W130cm (Audio Music Similarity and Retrieval)
  10. Joan Serrà, Massimiliano Zanin, Ralph G Andrzejak Cover song retrieval by recurrence quantification and unsupervised set detection H90cm x W130cm (Cover Song Identification)
  11. MTG Team, "Music Type Groupers (MTG): Generic Music Classification Algorithms" (Audio Genre Classification, Mood Classification, Artist Identification, Classical Composer Identification)
  12. Marsyas Team, George Tzanetakis, Steven Ness, Fabien Gouyon, Luis Gustavo Martins, Joao Lobato Oliveira: (Audio Classification Tasks, Onset Detection, Beat and Tags)
  13. I2R Team, Audio Onset Detection, A1 portrait
  14. J.-L. Durrieu, G. Richard and B. David, "Singer melody extraction in polyphonic signals using source separation methods" (Audio Melody Extraction) (A0 LANDSCAPE! H841mm × W1189mm)
  15. L. Oudre, Y. Grenier and C. F├⌐votte, "Template-based chord recognition : influence of the chord types" (Audio Chord Detection) (a0 landscape)
  16. M. Khadkevich and M. Omologo "MIREX Chord detection" (Chord detection)
  17. Tim Pohle, Dominik Schnitzer, One poster for Task: (Audio Music Similarity and Retrieval)
  18. Tao Feng, XiaoOu Chen, DeShun Yang. Audio Music Mood Classification
  19. Masahiro Nakano, Koji Egashira, Nobutaka Ono, Shigeki Sagayama, "Sequential estimation of multiple fundamental frequency by Harmonic-Temporal Clustering" (Multiple Fundamental Frequency Estimation and Tracking).(A little smaller than A0 landscape)
  20. Hung-Yi Lo, Ju-Chiang Wang and Hsin-Min Wang "An Ensemble Method for Audio Tag Classification" (Audio Tag Classification).
  21. Ben Fields, Michael Jewell, Christophe Rhodes "Segmented Sequence Matching As A Music Similarity Metric" (Audio Music Similarity and Retrieval)
  22. H. Tachibana, T. Ono, N. Ono and S. Sagayama, "Melody Extraction in Music Audio Signals by Melodic Component Enhancement and Pitch Tracking" (Audio Melody Extraction) (A little smaller than A0 landscape)
  23. S. Raczynski, N. Ono and S. Sagayama, "Multiple frequency estimation for piano recordings with concatenated regularized harmonic NMF" (Multipitch analysis)
  24. E. Tsunoo, G. Tzanetakis, N. Ono and S. Sagayama, "Audio Genre Classification Using Rhythm and Bass-line Pattern Information" (Audio Genre Classification) (poster size: a little smaller than B1 landscape)
  25. Pablo Cancela, "Tracking melody in polyphonic audio. MIREX 2009" (Audio Melody Extraction) (poster size: A0-landscape)
  26. Matthias Mauch, Katy Noland, Simon Dixon, "Using Musical Structure to Enhance Automatic Chord Transcription" H119cm X W84cm (Audio Chord Detection, Structural Segmentation)
  27. J.T. Reed, Y. Ueda, S. Siniscalchi, Y. Uchiyama, S. Sagayama, C.-H. Lee, "Minimum Classification Error Training to Improve Isolated Chord Recognition" (Audio Chord Detection)


  1. IMIRSEL: MIREX 2008 Overview (ALL Tasks)
  2. Rainer Typke & Agatha Walczak-Typke, A Vantage Indexing & Tunneling Method for Non-Metrics (Query By Tapping Task; this is identical to our standard ISMIR poster, which I am planning to recycle for my MIREX submission because it is thematically extremely similar)
  3. Johan Pauwels, Matthias Varewyck & Jean-Pierre Martens Audio chord extraction using a probabilistic model (Audio Chord Detection)
  4. Antonio Pertusa & José M. Iñesta, Multiple fundamental frequency estimation using gaussian smoothness and short context (Multiple Fundamental Frequency estimation)
  5. Thomas Lidy, Andreas Rauber, Antonio Pertusa, Pedro José Ponce de Leon and José M. Iñesta, Audio Music Classification using a combination of spectral, timbral, rhythmic, temporal and symbolic features (Audio Genre Classification, Mood Classification, Artist Identification, Classical Composer Identification)
  6. Xinglin Zhang, Colan Lash and David Gerhard, Audio Chord Detection
  7. Juan P. Bello, MIREX 2008: Audio Chord Estimation System
  8. Matti Ryynänen & Anssi Klapuri, Submissions for MIREX 2008 (Audio Chord Detection, QBSH, Audio Melody Extraction, Multi-F0)
  9. Joan Serrà, Emilia Gómez & Perfecto Herrera, Updating binary similarity and local alignment for cover song detection (Audio Cover Song Identification)
  10. Valentin Emiya, Roland Badeau & Bertrand David, Automatic transcription of piano music based on HMM tracking of jointly-estimated pitches (Multiple Fundamental Frequency Estimation & Tracking)
  11. Jean-Louis Durrieu, Gaël Richard & Bertrand David, Singer melody extraction in polyphonic signals using source separation methods (Audio Melody Extraction, Multiple Fundamental Frequency Estimation & Tracking and Audio Chord Detection - source separation principle)
  12. Geoffroy Peeters, "A generic training and classification system �for MIREX08 classification tasks"
  13. Helene Papadopoulos, Geoffroy Peeters, "Audio chord detection"
  14. Michael Mandel and Dan Ellis, "LabROSA's audio classification submissions" (audio genre, mood, artist, composer, tag classification)
  15. Roger Jang, "Query By Singing/Humming at MIREX: Overview and Future Directions" [Besides my own poster, I'll also bring another three posters: one by Hong-Ru Lee for the submission of Query By Tapping; the other two by Show Hsiao for Query By Tapping task summary and his own submission.]
  16. R. Jang "Poster #2" (placeholder to get the auto-counter to increment)
  17. R. Jang "Poster #3" (placeholder to get the auto-counter to increment)
  18. R. Jang "Poster #4" (placeholder to get the auto-counter to increment)
  19. Gustavo Reis, Francisco Fernandez, Anibal Ferreia: Genetic Algorithm approach to Polyphonic Music Transcription for MIREX 2008 (Multiple Fundamental Frequency Estimation & Tracking)
  20. Kris West, J. Stephen Downie, Michael Mandel, MIREX 2008 Classification tasks (Audio artist, Audio Genre, Audio Mood, Audio Tag)
  21. George Tzanetakis, Steven Ness, MIREX 2008 Classification tasks using Marsyas (Audio artist, Audio Genre, Audio Mood)
  22. Kyogu Lee. "Audio Mood Classification and Chord Detection Using HMMs" (Audio Mood, Chord Detection)
  23. Konstantinos Trohidis,Grigorios Tsoumakas,George Kalliris,Ioannis Vlahavas "Audio Tag classification using RAKEL" (Audio Tag Classification)