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MIREX 2010 Poster Session Planning List

The MIREX 2010 Poster Session will be held Wednesday, 11 August: 16:00 - 17:45. We will be holding the MIREX plenary meeting 13:00-14:30 as a working lunch on the same day.

Our hosts in Utrecht need to know the number of posters so they can set up the room. Please add you name and the task(s) dealt with in your poster.

We had many groups/individuals submit across tasks. You can choose to create one ISMIR poster bringing all your data together or can split up your data across, say, two or three posters. If you have questions, please contact me at jdownie@illinois.edu or the MIREX mailing list about task poster options.

As a reminder, the MIREX posters need to follow the ISMIR 2010 poster guidelines (i.e., A0, portrait orientation).

Add your author names here, once for each poster along with "title of some sort" and (Task(s) covered)

  1. IMIRSEL: MIREX 2010 Overview, Part I (Train Test Tasks)
  2. IMIRSEL: MIREX 2010 Overview, Part II (All Other Tasks)

Below are some examples from MIREX 2009

  1. Matt Hoffman: Using CBA to Automatically Tag Songs (Audio tag classification/retrieval)
  2. Suman Ravuri, Dan Ellis: The Hydra System of Cover Song Classification (Cover Song Identification)
  3. Joan Serra, Massimiliano Zanin, Ralph G Andrzejak: Cover song retrieval by recurrence quantification and unsupervised set detection (Cover Song Identification)
  4. MTG Team: "Music Type Groupers (MTG): Generic Music Classification Algorithms" (Audio Genre Classification, Mood Classification, Artist Identification, Classical Composer Identification)
  5. R. Jang: "Poster #2" (placeholder to get the auto-counter to increment)
  6. R. Jang: "Poster #3" (placeholder to get the auto-counter to increment)