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MIREX 2011 Overall Results Posters (PDF)

Results by Task

This year we ran many MIREX 2011 Tasks using the new NEMA MIREX DIY infrastructure. Task results with "(DIY)" appended are those generated using the NEMA MIREX DIY system. Where appropriate, do explore the various new outputs that help visualize both individual and task-wide comparative performances. A demonstration video of the NEMA MIREX DIY system can be found is also available.

Train-Test Task Set

  • [Audio Classical Composer Identification Results ]   (DIY)
  • [ Audio Latin Genre Classification Results ]   (DIY)
  • [ Audio Music Mood Classification Results ]   (DIY)
  • [ Audio Mixed Popular Genre Classification Results ]   (DIY)

Other Tasks

Machine Specifications


Runtime for Submissions Run by NEMA DIY