2014:Audio Fingerprinting

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This task requires the query by using exact but noisy recordings.


Audio Formats

Submission Format

Input Data

Output Data

Algorithm Calling Format


Evaluation Procedures

Top-10 hit rate (1 point is scored for a hit in the top 10 and 0 is scored otherwise, as in the Query by Singing/Humming task)

Time and hardware limits

Due to the potentially high number of participants in this and other audio tasks, hard limits on the runtime of submissions are specified. The time/storage limits of different steps are shown in the following table:

标题文字 标题文字 标题文字
Steps Time limit Storage (hard disk) limit
extractor (for database) Totally 72 hours 40KB for every 10 second audio + 250 MB extra overhead (if needed)
extractor (for query) 40 KB for each query clip
matcher N/A

Submissions that exceed these limitations may not receive a result.

Potential Participants


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