2014:Audio Fingerprinting

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This task requires the query by using exact but noisy recordings.



  • 589 songs (*.mp3 and *.wav) corresponding to 573 different songs
  • Language: English, Chinese, Japanese, ...
  • 35 mono, 554 stereo
  • 40.97 hours long


  • 305 recordings (*.wav) corresponding to 304 different songs in DB
  • 166 mono, 139 stereo
  • 16.11 hours long
  • Recorded by variety brand of smartphones, containing noise
  • Variety of sampling rate and bit resolution
  • Divided into 5800 10-second clips

Evaluation Procedures

Top-10 hit rate (1 point is scored for a hit in the top 10 and 0 is scored otherwise, as in the Query by Singing/Humming task)

Submission Format

Participants are required to submit a breakdown version of algorithm. The two parts are:

  1. Fingerprinting extractor
    Command format:
    extractor %file.list% %dir % %database_or_query%
    where %file.list% is the input list of database audio files named as uniq_key.mp3. or uniq_key.wav For example:

Time and hardware limits

Due to the potentially high number of participants in this and other audio tasks, hard limits on the runtime of submissions are specified. The time/storage limits of different steps are shown in the following table:

Steps Time limit Storage (hard disk) limit
extractor (for database) Totally 72 hours 40KB for every 10 second audio + 250 MB extra overhead (if needed)
extractor (for query) 40 KB for each query clip
matcher N/A

Submissions that exceed these limitations may not receive a result.

Potential Participants


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