2018:Music and/or Speech Detection Results

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These are the results for the 2015 running of the Music/Speech Classification and Detection task. For background information about this task set please refer to the 2015:Music/Speech Classification and Detection page.

General Legend

Sub code Abstract Contributors
DD1 PDF David Doukhan, Eliott Lechapt
JHKK1-2 PDF Byeong-Yong Jang, Woon-Haeng Heo, Oh-Wook Kwon, Jung-Hyun Kim
LN1 PDF Jongpil Lee, Juhan Nam
MM1-3 PDF Matija Marolt
MMG1 PDF Blai Melendez Catalan, Emilio Molina Martínez, Emilia Gómez

Music/Speech Detection Results

Individual Results Files