Audio Cover Song Identification

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This task requires that algorithms identify, for a query audio track, other recordings of the same composition, or "cover songs".

Within the a collection of pieces in the cover song datasets, there are embedded a number of different "original songs" or compositions each represented by a number of different "versions". The "cover songs" or "versions" represent a variety of genres (e.g., classical, jazz, gospel, rock, folk-rock, etc.) and the variations span a variety of styles and orchestrations.

Using each of these version files in turn as as the "seed/query" file, we examine the returned ranked lists of items from each algorithm for the presence of the other versions of the "seed/query" file.

Two datasets are used in this task, the MIREX 2006 US Pop Music Cover Song dataset Audio Cover Song dataset the [[Mazurka dataset]]

Audio Cover Song Identification has been run in the following iterations of MIREX

Participation in previous years

Year Participating Algorithms URL
2009 3
2008 8
2007 8