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Don't want going external in the winter to smoke? Want TO SMOKE In YOUR Dormitory Room plus not get caught? Would you rather smoke inside and experience a homemade air freshener instead of going outside? I'll show you how.

Difficulty: Uncomplicated


Things You'll Need

20 oz water bottle. Frabic Softener Sheets Knife Cigarette

1 Cut the bottom from regarding the drinking water bottle. It doesn't experience to be any neat and clean lower. Just big enough to goods fabric softener sheets with. If you are smoking with much more other than particular person, I would utilize a bigger container.

2 Stuff the water container with 4-7 fabric softener sheets. I would need a box of material softner sheets handy just for this. Title brand sheets work the best, even so, you can use any material softer sheet you'd like.

3 Whilst you exhale the smoke regarding your alternative, blow into the water bottle! The smell about the sheets will fill the room.

4 * Also, after ten to twleve breathe out, the sheets will darken and fill the tweleve tobacco. If you are smoking for a longer duration of period, change the sheets each 15- 20 minuets. This is why I suggest using name brand sheets.

I suggest to keep a window open when the cigarette or 'stay' regarding your option is burning. This will permit the steam smell to go out the window and not fill your area. Stay aside from any smoke decetor . If this is a habit, please get an electronic cigarette. It is a very beneficial investment for you and it will help you make away nicotine.

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