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Electronic cigarettes offer one alternative to standard cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes, or smokeless cigarettes give smokers the sensation of smoking without the damaging compounds and smoke. The size and shape mimic conventional cigarettes, although they are slightly heavier. The smoker breathes by means of the cigarette plus some tiny, battery-operated atomizer provides a puff of vapor. The cartridges that give the electronic cigarette its flavor, also give the smoker any vaporized puff of nicotine. According to the Mayo Clinic, the FDA has never approved these products as a safe alternative to smoking.

Trouble: Effortless


1 Remove the empty cartridge from the e-cigarette.

2 Pry the white conclusion off the cartridge with tweezers or a small screwdriver.

3 Fill a syringe through 5ml of the smokeless cigarette liquid.

4 Insert the needle into the filling material within the cartridge. Press the plunger on the syringe as you slowly draw the needle out regarding the filler material. This saturates the complete length regarding the filler.

5 Remove the syringe from the filler materials and replace the whitened end cap on the cartridge.

6 Rinse the cartridge prior to replacing it from the electronic cigarette. Fill the syringe with water also squirt water from about the tip to clean.

Tips & Warnings

Fill the cartridge slowly to allow the fluid to fully saturate the filler material. Maintain the syringe and the electronic cigarette fluid from about reach of children.


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