The Tools We Use

Version 1.5
May 2005

 Since October 2004, I have been surveying the MIR community (via the mailing list)  as to what tools MIR researchers were using.   I have compiled this list based upon the inputs of MIR researchers from around the world.   I'd like to keep this list active and up to date, so if you know of any tools that you think should be on this list let me know.  Thanks for all the input!    -- Paul Lamere: (email, blog) -  Sun Labs

Machine Learning

Music Processing

Sound Libraries

Audio / Signal Processing


Algorithm Design / Prototyping

Parallel Processing

General Audio and Music Processing Resources

Developer Tools

MIR researchers use a wide range of programming tools:

Disclaimer: Links, descriptions and license info may be wrong. Use at your own risk.

Version History:
 Version 1.0  - November 05, 2004
 Version 1.1 - November 07, 2004. Added Auditory Toolbox, Netlab toolbox, SOM toolbox,   MA toolbox,  BayesNet Matlab toolbox
Version 1.2 - November 15, 2004. Added Audacity, Nyquist and Port
Version 1.3 - December 7, 2004. Added aubio, PureData, SuperCollider, HTK
Version 1.4 - December 13, 2004. Added M2K, fixed some typos and formatting problems
Version 1.5 - May 9, 2005, added a number of new tools (six months of submissions)