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19 September 2007

All result data sets are now posted. A few tasks are still missing run-time data which, most likely, will have to wait until after ISMIR, as IMIRSEL folks are starting their journeys to Vienna.

The MIREX 2007 Plenary Session will be held Wednesday, 26 September 2007 (1400-1530h) during the main ISMIR 2007 conference. This will be followed by the MIREX Poster Session (1530-1630h).

NEW MIREX 2007 Plenary Topics Page

We have created a 2007:MIREX2007_Plenary_Topics page which is intended to act as an informal notepad for community members who would like to suggest possible discussion topics for the MIREX 2007 Plenary Session. We will be monitoring the "Topics" page constantly prior to the plenary session. Also, please feel free to post your comments and ideas during and after the Plenary Session as we will use this information to help shape future iterations of MIREX.


MIREX 2007 Overall Results Poster (PDF) is now available .

Results by Task

Machine Specifications