2006:MIREX 2006 Submission Instructions

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This is the official set of submission guidelines for MIREX 2006. The URL for MIREX 2006 Submission System can be found at the bottom of this page. We are deliberately placing the Submission URL at the bottom of this page to force folks to thoroughly read through this MIREX 2006 instruction set.

Step-By-Step Instructions

  1. Read this wiki page from top to bottom.
  2. Go read Andreas Ehmann's 2006:Best Coding Practices for MIREX.
  3. Go read the task-specific instructions for each task to which you will be submitting. Links to each task are available off the [MIREX 2006] main wiki page.
  4. For each submission, be sure you understand the Input/Output format issues as laid down by the task organizers.
  5. For each submission, be absolutely sure you have constructed a README.txt file that:
    1. Begins with submitter name(s) and contact information (email, etc.).
    2. Meets whatever task-specific requirements were laid down by the task organizers.
    3. Provides the team at IMIRSEL with a set of clear and complete instructions on how to run your program.
  6. Create a first-draft extended abstract that outlines the basic methods and techniques being deployed in your submission. See Extended Abstract Details below.
  7. Review, one last time, all the various submission requirements.
  8. Go to the MIREX 2006 Submission System page (URL at bottom of this page).
  9. Follow the instructions provided on the MIREX 2006 Submission System page.
  10. Submit your spiffy code bundle (don't forget the README.txt file) and your first-pass extended abstract!

Extended Abstract Details

The extended abstracts provide the outside world with a general understanding of what each submission is trying to accomplish. The extended abstracts need NOT be cutting edge/never-before-published materials. The extended abstracts will be revised by the authors after the data has been collected (to allow for commentary on results data); however, we at IMIRSEL still need the first-pass drafts at submission time to help us understand what is happening in the submission. Like last year we will post the final versions of the extended abstracts as part of the MIREX 2006 results page (see MIREX 2005 Results; https://www.music-ir.org/evaluation/mirex-results/). We hope to create a printed version of the abstracts this year for distribution at the MIREX 2006 Poster Session.

The MIREX 2006 extended abstracts:

  1. Are two to four pages long (think ISMIR poster/demo papers).
  2. Must be created using the ISMIR 2006 template set: http://ismir2006.ismir.net/info_authors.html .
  3. Must be submitted in PDF format.
  4. Should include, if exists, references to other publications about your work (yes, self-reference is encouraged!)
  5. Should have the same general look and feel as these examples from last year:

MIREX 2006 Submission System URL

We are now accepting submissions. You can upload your algorithm and abstract at https://music-ir.org/evaluation/MIREX/submission/