2007:MIREX 2007 Submissions

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Participants should read and review the following documents:

And ensure that all submissions conform to the specified input/output specifications.

Submissions should be bundled in a TAR, TGZ, ZIP, or other package and include the following elements:

  • The algorithm code (source or compiled)
  • All required libraries and modules -- statically linked
  • A README file containing instructions on how to compile (if necessary) and run the included submission (compile scripts strongly encouraged).

Note: Linux compiled binaries should be compiled for x86_64 (preferred) or i686 architectures.

Participants will also need to submit a 2-3 page PDF abstract adhering to the ISMIR 2007 template. Abstracts are to be submitted when code is submitted.

Participants submitting multiple algorithms and/or variant algorithms, should complete a "Primary Submission" first, then complete "Secondary Submissions" for all variants and subsequent uploads. Uploading a second submission bundle in the Primary Submission will overwrite the previously uploaded bundle. Note: a PDF abstract need only be uploaded for the Primary Submission.

The submission system can be accessed here: https://www.music-ir.org/evaluation/MIREX/submission/