2008:MIREX2008 Plenary Topics

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The MIREX 2008 plenary meeting will be held Wednesday, 17 September as a working lunch meeting at 13:30-15:00. This will be followed by the MIREX 2008 Poster Session which will be held 16:00-18:00.

Please post any questions or comments you might like the MIREX community to discuss during the meeting.


It would be nice to have a discussion on potential new MIREX tasks: singing voice segments detection, music structure detection

Also a discussion about the possibility to have a new test set for audio chord detection

Qualitative tasks?

Possible changes in QBSH task to make it more real-world compliant (by Roger Jang):

  1. More noise MIDIs to make the song database size > 10000 ===> Does IMIRSEL has enough computing power?
  2. Corpous contribution from participants ===> Format? Tools? Guideline for corpus preparation?
  3. Evaluation criteria that takes care of multiple versions of ground truths (to avoid human selection of noise MIDIs) ===> Top-10 recognition rate?
  4. Release all corpora after each MIREX
  5. Timing constraint for each submission ===> 10 seconds for each query?
  6. Heterogeneous song database ===> MIDI, WAV