2009:Music Recommendation

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2009 Music Recommendation Task Overview

This task is for evaluating tasks that produce a list of songs from an input. This is a new task for 2009.

Task Overview

Given a query and a set of source data, produce an ordered list of songs. The results are evaluated against a ground truth derived from a second source or human evaluation.

Potential subtask Types

Personalized Radio Song Similarity

Potential Source Data

  • Audio Content - Which data set of audio files should be used?
  • Artist Tag Info - set of all tags associated with the artist that performed the audio (LastFM webservices)
  • Song Tag Info - set of all tags associated with this song (LastFM webservices)
  • User Profile - Profile information of a LastFM user that has listened to at least a subset of the target audio (LastFM webservices)
  • User playcounts - Play counts of audio content for a particular user (LastFM webservices)
  • Playlists - online sources of playlists containing the targeted audio (location???)


Potential Participants

  1. Koosha G, University of Alberta