2011:Audio Similarity 2011 Graders

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AMS 2011 Graders

Welcome to the AMS grader sign-up page. Please give us your name and email contact information. If you obscure your email, please make it relatively obvious to us how to parse the address.

Template: Name. Location. <Email>

Sample: J. Stephen Downie. Illinois, USA. <jdownie@illinois.edu>

Special Comments

We are under the usual time constraints this year. ISMIR 2012 begins 8 October. We need to have all the MIREX results calculated and posted by our 1 October target date (fingers crossed)!

We hope to open the Evalutron 6000 (E6K) v.2 grading system by Friday, 14 September. To meet our 1 October goal, we must have all the AMS and SMS similarity grades entered into the E6K by Wednesday, 26 September. So, if you are kind enough to sign up to be a grader, PLEASE understand that we REALLY need you complete your assigned grading by 26 September.

If you are a SMS or AMS participant, we ask that you do what you can to encourage adults over 18 years of age to be graders.

We are looking for 50 graders for AMS this year. If we make our quota of 50 graders, each grader will be responsible for two query lists. If we fall short, and get around 34 graders, we will be asking each grader to grade 3 queries. In this worst case scenario, we still expect the grading process to take between 2.5 to 3 hours (or less) for each grader.

This year the query lists seem to be moderate in length so tackling two queries lists should not be too onerous. For safety's sake, we would like to see say, an extra 5 or so names on the sign up sheet below. The "extra names" on the sign up sheet will be considered "back up" graders. We will assign grading tasks in the order of the names as they appear below.

Sign Up Area

  1. Brian McFee. California, USA. <bmcfee@cs.ucsd.edu>
  2. Steve Tjoa. San Francisco, CA, USA. <steve at imagine-research com>
  3. Jia-Min Ren. Hsinchu, Taiwan. <jmren at mirlab org>
  4. Sally Jo Cunningham, Hamilton, New Zealand. <sallyjo@cs.waikato.ac.nz>
  5. Sungkyun Chang. Suwon, Korea. <rayno1 at snu.ac.kr>
  6. Yin-Tzu Lin. Taipei, Taiwan. <known at cmlab.csie.ntu.edu.tw>
  7. Franz de Leon. Southampton, UK. <fadl1d09@ecs.soton.ac.uk>
  8. Simone Sammartino. Málaga, Spain. <ssammartino@ic.uma.es>
  9. Arthur Flexer, OFAI, Austria <arthur.flexer at ofai.at>
  10. Dominik Schnitzer, OFAI, Austria <dominik.schnitzer at ofai.at>
  11. Jan Schlueter, OFAI, Austria <jan.schlueter at ofai.at>
  12. Cristina de la Bandera. Málaga, Spain. <cdelabandera@ic.uma.es>
  13. Bart Stasiak. Lodz, Poland. <basta -@- ics.p.lodz.pl>
  14. Thierry Bertin-Mahieux. New York, USA. <tb2332@columbia.edu>
  15. Benjamin Martin. Bordeaux, France. <benjamin.martin@labri.fr>
  16. Ruofeng Chen. Georgia, USA. <ruofengchen (at) gatech (dot) edu>
  17. Bo Xie. Atlanta, USA. <bo.xie (at) gatech (dot) edu>
  18. Chung-Che Wang. Hsinchu, Taiwan. <geniusturtle (at) mirlab dot org>
  19. Peter Knees, cp.jku, Austria. <peter.knees (at) jku.at>
  20. Markus Schedl, cp.jku, Austria <markus.schedl (at) jku.at>
  21. Audrey Laplante. Montréal, Canada. <audrey.laplante (at) umontreal.ca>
  22. Ajay Ramaseshan. Espoo, Finland. <ajayram (at) cis.hut.fi>
  23. Matt Hoffman. New York, New York, USA. <mdhoffma@cs.princeton.edu>
  24. Ming Li. Beijing, China. <liming.ioa (at) gmail dot com>
  25. Molly McLaughlin. Champaign, IL, USA. <mclaugh@illinois.edu>
  26. Nick Seaver, Irvine, CA, USA. <nseaver at uci dot edu>
  27. Polina Proutskova, Goldsmiths, London, <proutskova (at) googlemail.com>
  28. Deshun Yang, Beijing, P. R. China. <sidney172 (at) gmail.com>
  29. Minje Kim, Urbana, IL, USA <minje AT illinois DOT edu>
  30. Charlie Inskip, London, Eng <charlesinskip AT hotmail DOT com>
  31. Emmanouil Benetos, London, UK <emmanouilb (at) eecs.qmul.ac.uk>
  32. Garret Gengler. Champaign, IL, USA. <garretg (at) illinois.edu>
  33. Ioanna Filippidi. Greece, GR, <filippidioanna (at) gmail.com>
  34. Bruno Rocha. Braga, Portugal. <brunomachadorocha (at) gmail.com>
  35. Matt Voglewede. Eugene, OR, USA. <mjv at uoregon edu>
  36. Dongying Zhang, Beijing, China <zhangdongying1986@gmail.com>
  37. Claire Bradford. London, UK. <claire (at) wonderland.org>
  38. Kahyun Choi, Urbana, IL, USA <ckahyu2 AT illinois DOT edu>
  39. Maria Theresa de Leon. Southampton, UK. <mtdl1c09@ecs.soton.ac.uk>
  40. Jacob Jett. Champaign, IL, USA. <jjett2@illinois.edu>
  41. Fu-Hai Frank Wu. Hsinchu, Taiwan. <frankwu@mirlab.org>
  42. Juan Jose Bosch. Barcelona, Spain. <juanjo DOT bosch (at) gmail DOT com>
  43. Jessica Iszczyszyn. Urbana, IL, USA. <iszczys1 (at) illinois.edu>
  44. Yonatan Vaizman. Israel. <yonatanv (at) gmail DOT com>
  45. Riccardo Miotto, Italy. <rmiotto@urfilez.com>
  46. Johannes Traa, Urbana, IL, USA. <traa2 AT illinois DOT com>
  47. Chai-Jong Song, Seoul, Korea. <jcsong AT keti DOT re DOT kr>
  48. Simone Sacchi, Champaign, IL, USA. <sacchi1 AT illinois DOT edu>
  49. Shawna Kennedy Organisciak, Champaign, IL, USA. <shawna DOT kennedy AT gmail DOT com>
  50. Piotr Organisciak, Champaign, IL, USA. <organisciak AT gmail DOT com>
  51. Stefani Janosco, Urbana, IL, USA. <sjanosco AT gmail DOT com>
  52. Andrea Thomer, Champaign, IL, USA. <thomer2 AT illinois DOT edu>
  53. Cynthia Liem. Delft, The Netherlands. <c DOT c DOT s DOT liem AT tudelft DOT nl>
  54. Jonguk Kim, Suwon, Korea. <sunnibo (at) gmail.com>
  55. Shin-Cheol Lim, Seoul, Korea.<en.shincheol AT gmail.com>
  56. Karam Byun, Seoul, Korea.<ge2ode2 AT hanmail.net>
  57. Christophe Charbuillet < christophe DOT charbuillet AT ircam DOT fr >
  58. Deliege Francois < fdeliege AT gmail DOT com >
  59. Yucong Jiang. Beijing, China. <yucong.jiang@gmail.com>