2015:Task Captains

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Like ISMIR 2014, we are prepared to improve the distribution of tasks for the upcoming MIREX 2015. To do so, we really need leaders to help us organize and run each task.

To volunteer to lead one or more tasks, please add your name in the "Captains" column.

What does it mean to lead a task?

  • Update wiki pages as needed
  • Communicate with submitters and troubleshooting submissions
  • Execution and evaluation of submissions
  • Publishing final results

Due to the proprietary nature of much of the data, the submission system, evaluation framework, and most of the datasets will continue to be hosted by IMIRSEL. However, we are prepared to provide access to task organizers to manage and run submissions on the IMIRSEL systems.

ID Task Captain(s)
abt 2015:Audio Beat Tracking Sebastian Böck, Florian Krebs, Fu-Hai Frank Wu
ace 2015:Audio Chord Estimation Johan Pauwels
act 2015:Audio Classification (Train/Test) Tasks IMIRSEL
acs 2015:Audio Cover Song Identification Chris Tralie
ade 2015:Audio Downbeat Estimation Florian Krebs, Sebastian Böck
akd 2015:Audio Key Detection Johan Pauwels
ame 2015:Audio Melody Extraction KETI (Dalwon Jang)
ams 2015:Audio Music Similarity and Retrieval IMIRSEL
aod 2015:Audio Onset Detection Sebastian Böck
ate 2015:Audio Tempo Estimation Aggelos Gkiokas
atg 2015:Audio Tag Classification Mohamed Sordo
mf0 2015:Multiple Fundamental Frequency Estimation & Tracking Li Su, Yujia Yan
qbsh 2015:Query by Singing/Humming KETI (Dalwon Jang)
scofo 2015:Real-time Audio to Score Alignment (a.k.a Score Following) Chunta Chen, Yujia Yan, Julio Carabias
sms 2015:Symbolic Melodic Similarity Nikhil Narasimha Kini
struct 2015:Structural Segmentation IMIRSEL
drts 2015:Discovery of Repeated Themes & Sections Tom Collins
2015:Set List Identification Ming-Chi Yen, Hsin-Min Wang, Ju-Chiang Wang, Yi-Hsuan Yang
2015:Music/Speech Classification/Detection Tillman Weyde, Aggelos Pikrakis, Emmanouil Benetos, Daniel Wolff , Dan Tidhar
2015:Audio Offset Detection David Heise
afp 2015:Audio_Fingerprinting Chung-Che Wang
svs 2015:Singing_Voice_Separation Tak-Shing Chan, Yi-Hsuan Yang, Li Su