2020:Audio Fingerprinting Results

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These are the results for the 2020 running of the Audio Fingerprinting task. For background information about this task set please refer to the 2020:Audio Fingerprinting page.

General Legend

Sub code Submission name Abstract Contributors
LPL1 NTES_MUSIC_A PDF Huaping Liu, Peng Li, Songsheng Pan
LPL2 NTES_MUSIC_B PDF Huaping Liu, Peng Li, Songsheng Pan
LPL3 NTES_MUSIC_C PDF Huaping Liu, Peng Li, Songsheng Pan
LPL4 NTES_MUSIC_D PDF Huaping Liu, Peng Li, Songsheng Pan
XXZC1-3 KUGOU PDF Xiaoguang Xuan, Chunzhi Xiao, Chaogang Zhang, Chuanyi Chen

Summary Results

Size of database and running time are announced together with top-1 hit rate in the following table. Note that running time is announced for reference because machine spec, machine status, and number of cores used by a submission are different. IDs and specs of machines are:

  • A and B: 1.9 GHz, 24 cores CPU, 64 GB RAM
  • C: a VM with 8 cores CPU and 32 GB RAM, hosted on 2.4 GHz, 32 cores CPU and 128 GB RAM
  • D: 2.1 GHz, 24 cores CPU, 32 GB RAM

Time/machine for builder
(hh:mm:ss/machine ID)
Size of database
Time/machine for matcher
(hh:mm:ss/machine ID)
Top-1 hit rate
LPL1 03:25:26 (D) 796.55 00:35:42 (D) 92.30
LPL2 03:22:11 (D) 796.55 00:37:59 (D) 92.52
LPL3 03:50:48 (B) 796.55 00:42:32 (B) 92.80
LPL4 27:44:21 (D) 1291.20 02:57:30 (D) 91.69
XXZC1 01:15:05 (B) 949.55 00:20:28 (B) 93.17
XXZC2 01:12:05 (B) 559.81 00:45:35 (B) 92.69
XXZC3 01:08:56 (B) 559.81 00:13:05 (B) 92.27

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