Audio Melody Extraction

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The aim of the MIREX audio melody extraction evaluation is to identify the melody pitch contour from polyphonic musical audio. Pitch is expressed as the fundamental frequency of the main melodic voice, and is reported in a frame-based manner on an evenly-spaced time-grid.

The task consists of two parts:

  • Voicing detection (deciding whether a particular time frame contains a "melody pitch" or not),
  • Pitch detection (deciding the most likely melody pitch for each time frame).

We structure the submission to allow these parts to be done independently within a single output file. That is, it is possible (via a negative pitch value) to guess a pitch even for frames that were being judged unvoiced. Algorithms which don't perform a discrimination between melodic and non-melodic parts are also welcome!

Participation in previous years

Year Participating Algorithms URL
2011 10
2010 5
2009 12
2008 7
2006 5
2005 10