MIREX 2015 Submission Instructions

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Some Reminders

Begin with the Video Tutorial

Go watch the MIREX 2012 Submission System Video Tutorial

Basic Steps

  1. Tell us about yourself by creating an identity profile. If you are participating under multiple affiliations, repeat this step for each affiliation.
  2. Create a submission record. You'll need to add all your contributors. This is easiest if they have also registered and completed step 1, but you can create profiles for them when you create your submission.
  3. Upload your submission via SFTP to the dropbox. Specific instructions are given after you complete your submission.
  4. Upload your abstract via the webform.

Very Important Things to Note

  1. NOTA BENE: We are REQUIRING that EACH person involved in a MIREX 2015 submission MUST create an identity for themselves on the submission system. Identities are important to us as they help us better manage the submissions. Even if a colleague of yours is going to do the actual submitting, you still need to create an identity for yourself in the system.
  2. When you create your personal identity in the system, review your input carefully for errors! Once your personal identity is created and the "submit" button is pressed, it is not possible for you to edit your identity information.
  3. If you are submitting on behalf of a team you will need to make sure that the identity for each team member is associated with your submission. Your first job is to find out if they have already created identities in the system by using the search tool. If they have, simply click on the identity to add them.
  4. If you cannot find an identity for one or more of your colleagues, the best way to proceed is get them to create an identity for themselves on the system. This way, they are responsible for the accuracy of their information.
  5. If your colleague, for some reason, cannot create an identity for themselves, you will need to create an identity for them. Do your best to create as accurate an identity for them as possible.
  6. If you plan to submit more than one algorithm or algorithm variant to a given task, EACH algorithm or variant needs its own complete submission to be made including the README and binary bundle upload. Each package will be given its own unique identifier. Tell us in the README the priority of a given algorithm in case we have to limit a task to only one or two algorithms/variants per submitter/team.

Getting Help

If things do not work or if you make a major mistake or if you are simply confused, please contact the MIREX team at mirex [at] imirsel.org.

Participant Identity Information Fields

(* = required field)

  • First name*:
  • Last name*:
  • Organization*:
  • Department:
  • Unit/Lab:
  • URL*:
  • Title*:
  • From (year)*: To:
  • Email:
  • Street Address:
  • Street Address 2:
  • Street Address 3:
  • City:
  • State, Region:
  • Postal Code:
  • Country:

Extended Abstract Details

The extended abstracts provide the outside world with a general understanding of what each submission is trying to accomplish. The extended abstracts need NOT be cutting edge/never-before-published materials. The extended abstracts will be revised by the authors after the data has been collected (to allow for commentary on results data); however, we at MIREX still need the first-pass drafts at submission time to help us understand what is happening in the submission. Like last year we will post the final versions of the extended abstracts as part of the MIREX 2015 results page.

The MIREX 2015 extended abstracts:

  1. Are two to four pages long.
  2. Must conform to the guidelines in the following templates: LaTeX template Word template
  3. Must be submitted in PDF format.
  4. Should include, if exists, references to other publications about your work (yes, self-reference is encouraged!)
  5. Should have the same general look and feel as these examples from last year:

The MIREX 2015 Submission System can be found at: https://www.music-ir.org/mirex/sub/ .