2006:Audio Tempo Extraction Results

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These are the results for the 2006 running of the Audio Tempo Extraction task set. For background information about this task set please refer to the 2006:Audio Tempo Extraction page.

The aim of the Audio Tempo Extraction task is to extract the perceptual tempi from audio recordings. We differentiate the notion of perceived tempo and notated tempo in this task. A test set of 140 recordings was used to evaluate the algorithms. Ground truths for each recording were extracted from multiple listeners. Algorithms were scored on their ability to extract the two dominant perceptual tempi from a piece of music, with each tempo in the ground truth given a perceptual salience from the listening tests. In this task, a P-score of 1.0 denotes perfect performance.

General Legend

Team ID

klapuri = Anssi Klapuri
davies = M. E. P. Davies and M. D. Plumbley
alonso = Miguel Alonso, Bertrand David and Gael Richard
ellis = Daniel P. W. Ellis
antonopoulos = Iasonas Antonopoulos, Aggelos Pikrakis and Sergios Theodoridis
brossier = Paul Brossier

Overall Summary Results

MIREX 2006 Audio Tempo Extraction Summary Results

Contestant At least 1 tempo correct Both tempi correct P-score
klapuri 94.29% 61.43% 0.806
davies 92.86% 45.71% 0.776
alonso 2 89.29% 43.57% 0.724
alonso 1 85.71% 45.71% 0.693
ellis 79.29% 42.86% 0.673
antonopoulos 84.29% 47.86% 0.669
brossier 78.57% 50.71% 0.628

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MIREX 2006 Audio Tempo Extraction Runtime Data

Contestant Machine Run-time(seconds)
alonso 1 FAST 2126
alonso 2 FAST 4411
antonopoulos FAST 14500
brossier LINUX 1486
davies FAST 1389
ellis LINUX 445
klapuri LINUX 1216

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Summary, plots, and comments on the results

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